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Nintendo reveals the SNES classic will be available for preorder at certain retailers later this month

  • Has Nintendo learned from its previous mistakes?
  • Does this open the window for other plun-n-play devices to become preorder-able?
  • Will this even matter?   Will there be enough preorders, or will retailers have to cancel because they overbooked?
    • Walmart had started taking preorders early, and just about every one of those preorders was cancelled


Fan Faves
We pick ten rapid questions and each host answers to see where we stand opposed and where we stand united Fandom.  Play along and find what are your Fan Favorites?

Sony Pictures TV to aquire FunimationImage result for sony acquires funimation

  • Sony will have 95% of the anime distributor for $143 million
  • Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga will remain CEO and have a small stake in the company
    • Sony already own a smaller subsidary in an anime production company you may have heard of called Aniplex
  • How could this possible change things for Sony?  For Funimation?
    • Does this benefit both parties?
  • Last year Funimation entered a partnership with Crunchyroll
    • Will Sony’s new aquisition, do you think this will effect the partnership with Crunchyroll?
    • If so (and not for better), keep in mind that Sony and Funimation may lose existing licenses on anime and dubbing
  • And lastly, how does this affect the Anime industry as a whole?
    • Anime is becoming more mainstream with each passing year, will this bolster or recline Anime in the future?
Each week two of our hosts go head to head in a best of five trivia contest.  The winner will retain bragging rights and stay and play again next week while the loser has to create next the weeks’ questions. Play along and see just how much gaming knowledge you have.



Opinion Piece: Fan/Media early backlash before a games’ release, and the potential impact it has on a development studio and its game going forward


Each week we’ll break down ten news stories and facts that just didn’t quite make the list for a segment.  We’ve got 1 minute per topic before we move onto the next; finished or not.  Gotta go fast…in the Speed Run.
  1. Pacific Rim: Uprising has unfortunately been pushed back…..for a month.  New release date will be March 23rd 2018
  2. Modders have created a Kermit the From skin in Dragonball Xenoverse 2, this new puppet super saiyan is taking the internet by storm
  3. EA’s NBA Live series is coming back this year with NBA Live 18, and for the first time ever in a video game, you will be able to play as WNBA players and teams
  4. Mario is growing up!  For the first time ever, a standalone Mario game is getting an ‘E10’ rating, above its ‘E for Everyone rating’.  It has not been displayed how or why this rating has come to be
  5. Microsoft reveals 3 new controller designs for its controllers.  This is not part of the custom controller line
  6. Square Enix next title in its popular RPG series, Dragon Quest XI, sells 2 million copies in two days!  Currently released in Japan for PS4 and 3DS, the 3DS version has sold more that half of that total
  7. Lucas Films has hired a new writer for Episode IX.  Jack Thorne will now be the writer and rewrite the script, though it is not known how extensive the rewrite will be for the 2019 film
  8. Capcom announced two more characters for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite!  Firebrand and Dormammu.
  9. An apparent leak on the internet shows the possiblilty of new features for the iphone 8!  3D face scanning, a full touch screen face, and the removal of the home button
  10. Niantic ran into a handful of issues during their Poke’mon Go fest this past week.  In addition to that, some attendees are suing for reimbursement for travel and other expenses, for lack of the advertised experience from the event.


Passing the Controller! What’s going on with us outside the podcast!

Passin’ the Controller

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Garrett’s Controller!
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Joshua’s Controller