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EA Suspends Mass Effect Series

  • Bioware Montreal’s Development team was plagued by an expensive and trouble ridden development cycle for Andromeda which had EA and Bioware Executives ready to pull the plug on ME series even before the release of the latest entry in the franchise.
  • Several key members of the development team are being moved to other studios and projects.
  • EA is also dedicating extensive resources to new IP including new Star Wars entries.
  • Any way you stretch it though, this seems to be a loss and failure for Bioware, even if it is coming from one of their branch development teams. Why has Bioware had so much mixed results with titles when they were previously known strictly for RPG gold?


Fan Favorites

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review


Gamer Trivia

Opinion Piece:  Should all games be Cross Platform? What is better for the industry?

Speed Run

  • Tom Brady will be the cover athlete this year for Madden 18.  Shaquille O’Neil with be the cover athlete for NBA 2k18’s Deluxe edition (Miami Heat jersey) and Deluxe Gold editions (Lakers jersey)
  • Straight Up Films, who has acquired the rights to make a movie based on the Square Enix franchise game “Thief” has said that there is a new Theif game in the works that will release in step with the movie.  When asked to a Square Enix representative for confirmation, they said, “there is nothing to announce now”
  • FXX has revealed that Atlanta’s Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen Glover are writing and creating a new Dead pool animated series in collaboration with Marvel TV
  • Twitch will be hosting a Mister Roger’s Neighborhood marathon for 18 days starting May 15th at 12pm Pacific Time.  There are 886 episodes in total
  • Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announces the Injustice 2 Championship Series.  This will be an online and offline 4-month E-Sports league tournament, and will offer a $600,000 prize pool for competitors
  • Gearbox has hired a team of 16 students from one of the best grad schools for game development to work on an announced VR game once they graduate from SMU Guildhall
  • This year marks the 40th anniversary of Judge Dredd!  There is a TV series in the works called Judge Dredd: Mega-city One
  • A new Hellboy movie franchise is being produced, Titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, this film is aimed to walk a razor’s edge between horror and comic book movie, bringing a darker, more gruesome tone to the Hellboy universe
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Makes over $500M at the Box Office in a little over a week. It seems Marvel can do no wrong in the MCU!
  • After a 15-year run ending in 2016, ABC announces that American Idol with be back with a new season for 2017-2018.  No announcement on who will be judging during that season.

Listener Mail

E.M #1 Kendall says:

We need a Halo movie.  It could be done so well if the right people were on it.  It could be the next great Sci-fi hit. Dark and gritty with an awesome protagonist and his AI sidekick, with unique aliens and consequences.  That’s what I’d like to see be made.


E.M #2 Emmit says: What has been your biggest disappointment in 2017 median entertainment wise?

Question to the Listener:  What has been your best and worst collectors editions that you have ever purchased?

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Passin’ the Controller

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Johnnie’s Controller (Wii U Smash Controller)
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Garrett’s Controller (PS2 EyeToy)


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Joshua’s Controller (Samba de Amigo)

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