Far Cry 5 Controversy

@ 2 minutes Far Cry 5 Controversy

  • The newest entry into the franchise delves into areas we haven’t seen from video games at all and ties into a lot of the real-life issues we are dealing with today; division in our country, Us vs Them mentality, and extremism towards those with differences. How do you feel about the message Far Cry 5 seems to be telling in their game?
  • Far Cry 5 usually has dictators and evil generals from other countries that resonate a very clear “U.S. good, foreigners bad” feeling. This game will have American killing Americans in a way that is not militaristic but simply citizens taking extreme action through cult like actions.
  • Will this positively/negatively affect sales for the title or is this a non-issue?



The Void Left by Red Dead Redemption 2

@ 25 Minutes  Red Dead Redemption 2 Leave a Gaming Void

  • With the highly anticipated open world Western from Rockstar being delayed until 2018 a huge gap for top title of 2017 is up for grabs.
  • What game(s) fill the void left by this title?
  • How big of a relief is this for Activision and Call of Duty?


Gamer Trivia @ 35 Minutes


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Captain America is a Hydra Agent and our Thoughts

@43 Minutes Captain America is a Hydra Agent and Our Thoughts

  • For months, we’ve known that Captain America has been secretly acting as a Hydra agent and quietly working to place himself in a position to bring Hydra into power. With the beginning of Marvel’s Secret Empire summer event comic, we see just how far Steve Rogers is willing to go to bring Hydra to power; killing heroes, exiling them, blowing up cities, murdering American civilians and flying Hydra (essentially Nazi flags over the US).
  • Many people have expressed outrage that the character literally utilized as WWII war propaganda would be taken in such a direction, while others feel this is a bold exciting direction to move the First Avengers story.
  • What are your thoughts on how this fits in with Captain America’s legacy?
  • Particularly in films comic characters are becoming darker and moving away from their traditional tropes; Superman, Batman, Transformers, Where do you sit?


@ Minutes
  1. Square Enix released a statement saying that Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy VII remake have at least 3 more years of development.
  2. The new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride has opened at Disney’s California Adventure and the reviews of the ride have been across the board, stellar.
  3. Spider-Man: Homecomings Tom Holland has been cast as a young Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film.
  4. Tom Cruise stated to media that a Top Gun 2 was definitely going to happen, although he has not been officially announced as being a part of the project.
  5. The Boss Baby 2 has been green lit after the success of the first film starring Alec Baldwin as the titular Baby.
  6. The X-Men spinoff New Mutants will reportedly have a bit of a horror element to it, while X-23 will most likely receive her own stand alone film.
  7. Microsoft gives gamer a treat by releasing Xbox Game Pass (a Netflix like gaming download and play service early) and with a free 14-day trial.
  8. After just completing its 6 movie franchise in January, the Resident Evil series is getting a reboot.
  9. Street Fighter V will have an update on May 30th which will include new character Ed, updates to the Fighters Network and a classic Street Figher 2 stage: Flamenco Tavern
  10. Based off of the DC comics a new DC Animated show DC Super Hero girls is coming to Cartoon Network.

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Johnnie’s Controller:

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