A new law passed in Congress might allow for ISP’s to legally sell your browsing history and meta data without informing you.

  • The Law still needs to be pass through the House of Representatives and the White House but analysts expect this to be a law by December of this year.
  • How big of a privacy issue is this? Keeping in mind that most large websties (Facebook, Youtube, Google) are allowed to sell your data already?
  • What sort of problems does this create?

Leaked games: Fact or Fiction? (Free form topic)

  • Should you believe a ‘leak’?
  • Helps or hurts the industry?
  • Clearly messes up ‘surprise’ news, or dates of publisher announcements
  • Games that recently got leaked
    • Destiny 2 (September 8th)
    • Evil Within 2(Q/A job listing)


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Gamer Trivia


Speed Run

  1. Disney CEO Bog Iger stated that the Star Wars creative team is currently looking at another decade and a half of Star Wars films.
  2. Screenwriter Gary Goldman (Known for movies Total Recall and Big Trouble in Little China), has filed a federal lawsuit against Disney for stealing his idea for Zootopia.  Goldman had pitched the movie idea, called Looney, twice and was rejected both times, and claims Disney stole the character designs, themes, and lines of dialogue.
  1. GameStop COO Tony Bartel, says that he expects Switch console to be in short supply, high demand for 2017, stating, “As soon as we get them in our stores they sell out.” Nintendo announced they have sold well over 1.5 million units.
  2. Hasbro expressed interest in rebooting the G.I. Joe movie franchise with a more millennial approach. The two existing movies both made over $300 Million worldwide but doesn’t reach Hasbro’s success with Transformers with each of those grossing over $700 million
  3. Mattell is finally working on bringing Barbie to the big screen! Announced in 2014 Mattel announced the movie will release in 2018.
  4. X-Men: Last Stand director Brett Ratner voices his opinion that Rotten Tomatoes (and other aggregate review sites) are ruining the film industry and destroying the art of Film Criticism and is directly responsible for the less than expected Box Office of BvS.
  5. A Spider-Man spin-off movie starring Black Cat and Silver Sable is reportedly in the works and Sony is looking to begin shooting before the end of 2017.
  6. An Assassin’s Creed TV show is being worked on by Ubisoft Motion Pictures. It is unclear if this will be Neflix exclusive or a Network show.
  7. Alan Kudyk the voice of K-2SO in Rogue One discusses the Droids original ending involved in the battle on the beach and the endings of several other characters. Thoughts on more and more movies revealing “possible” endings?
  8. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has sold over 1 million copies in less than one month with almost 1:1 ratio of sales alongside the Switch.