Youtube announces its very own streaming service titled YouTube TV

  • The service will cost $35 per month.
  • And will allow subscribers to stream and view content from over 40 major networks including FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and more.
  • This is another blow to Cable TV and another move away from TV’s as the preferred and major way content is absorbed. (Thoughts?)
  • Does this interest any of us at all?
  • How many subscription services does one need? What is the saturation point? (Let’s try and find a middle ground here)
  • Now with that saturation point, what services are necessary for YOU?
  • Who does this hurt the most?

The Early success of the Nintendo Switch: Hype or Hope?

Nintendo of America President released stated in an interview earlier this week that the Switch’s first two days of console sales were the biggest for any system in the company’s history and next to that would then come the Wii.  For perspectives sake:

  • Nintendo Wii Sales in the first week: 600,000 units..
  • Nintendo Wii U Sales in the first week: 400,000 units.
  • Xbox One Sales on the first DAY: 1 million units.
  • PS4 sales on the first DAY: 1 million units.
  • Do you feel these numbers have any reflection on the success of the Switch console?
  • Is the 2 million units in 1 year goal that Nintendo discussed pre launch still doable?
  • Did you expect a larger or smaller sell through in its first week?

Fan Favorites

The Lego Company’s 2016 financial results are here, and they have made history

  • Lego made $5.38 BILLION throughout 2016!
  • This is the largest reported amount for Lego in the 85-year history of their company
  • Most popular brands are Lego City, Ninjago, Friends, Star Wars
  • Everything with the exception of Star Wars here, are Lego made and owned IP
    • Net profit was about $1.34 billion
  • Are you shocked that Lego is THAT much profitable after being around for nearly a century?
  • What is next for Lego?  Will they continue to milk the same franchises, or should the try to do something new?

Gamer Trivia

Legendary Studios the production company behind the latest Godzilla film and Kong Skull Island are already underway writing the script for the upcoming 2020 Godzilla vs King Kong film. 

  • 8 major film writers are reported to be working in conjunction to pen the script; from franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Maze Runner,  Bates Motel and Stranger Things to name a few.
  • You guys interested in seeing these two monsters go head to head….again?
  • Who do YOU think would win in a fight?

James Cameron announces that Avatar 2 will indeed miss its 2018 release date and be pushed into the next year.

  • The reason for the delay as stated by James himself: Well, 2018 is not happening. We haven’t announced a firm release date. What people have to understand is that this is a cadence of releases. So we’re not making Avatar 2. We’re making Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5. It’s an epic undertaking.
  • Is this an acceptable amount of time for the second movie to release considering The Avatar released in 2009?
  • Will the hype and appeal for this series last for a decade between films? Do YOU care about the film?
  • How long will it be between each film being released if they’re all being made at the same time?
  • I personally think these are just gonna end up getting canceled. James keeps upping his own ante and trying to do more and more instead of just making the movies he’s can right now.

Speed Run

  1. Starting March 14th 11am PT, Twitch will be streaming EVERY episode of Power Rangers in one 16-day marathon (831 episodes in total plus the theatrical film)
  2. Game of Thrones Season 7 has a release date!  The next chapter starts on July 16!
  1. The court drama between FaceBook and Zenimax/Bethesda continues as the man who started all the issues John Carmack, counter sues Zenimax stating they are withholding over $20 million owed to him from their purchase of iD software. This is getting ridiculous in my opinion.
  2. Disney has official green lit a live action Alladin film and is holding open casting calls for middle eastern actors from 18-25 years of age stating experience is and singing and dancing abilities are a plus.
  3. It’s official! The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, will be getting the sequel treatment AND will appear in some capacity in the upcoming X-force film!
  4. Bioware announced via Twitter that all multiplayer maps for Mass Effect: Andromeda will be completely free to download.
  5. Margot Robbie has been cast to star in Robin Hood movie that is based upon the archers fair lady Maid Marian. The movie apparently will take place after Hood’s death in which Maid Marian takes up his cause and leads the people against the high class elites.
  6. Another Disney Remake! Mary Poppins set to release December 2018 is next up and will star Emily Blunt as the titular character.
  7. Logan opening weekend placed it fifth all time for R-Rated Film openings and 5th behind X-men franchise openings, losing to Deadpool, The Last Stand, Days of Future Past, and X2.  Thoughts?
  8. Big Star Games and Lionsgate are in partnership to create an action shooter based on Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 classic Resevoir Dogs. The game will be a multiplayer top down shooter where players control iconic characters from the film.

Listener Mail


Next Week’s Listener Question:

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