Microsoft Announces the Xbox Game Pass

  • Xbox One will have a game subscription service priced at $10 per month.
  • Over 100 titles will be available to download and play at launch.
  • New titles will be added and removed in the same vein as Netflix.

Fan Favorites


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War announced!

  • This is a direct sequel to the Warner Bros. 2014 title Shadow of Mordor.
  • Releases August 22nd
  • How’d you like the first game in the series?
  • How will this fare in this fairly heavy year of gaming?

March Games with Gold and PS PLUS FREEBIES

  • GwG: Layers of Fear/ Evolve/Borderlands 2/ Heavy Weapon
  • PS PLUS:
  • PS4: Tear Away Unfolded, Disc Jam
  • PS3: Under Night: In-Birth, Earth Defense Force 2025
  • Vita: Lumo, Severed

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Nintendo Switch Hands-On First Impression

Horizon: Zero Dawn First Impressions:

Speed Run


  1. Nickelodeon announces a new TMNT series that will focus on a more mysterious and mystical New York City where the turtles will have new mystical powers.
  2. Microsoft announces the Xbox Live Creators Program that will more easily small developers and Independent creators to publish games on the digital Xbox Store.
  3. Transformers is spinning off with a Bumblebee movie, it will reportedly not be directed by Michael Bay.
  4. Tron is getting a reboot and rumors state that it will star Jared Leto.
  5. OverWatch has revealed a new character named Orisa, a tank like character with long range capabilities, shields, and a team wide damage buffing Ultimate.
  6. Oculus rift has lowered its bundle price by $200! The bundle which includes the Rift VR headset and Touch Controllers is now priced at $598.
  7. The Oscars did a Steve Harvey! During the stage announcement of Best Picture, La La Land was called out and halfway through the acceptance speech it was made known that the ACTUAL winner for Best Picture was Moon Light!
  8. Twitch has announced that select PC games will be available to purchase through the website and streaming service.  A portion of the sale will go directly to the streamer when purchased through their broadcast.
  9. Future X-Men films will move away from the Professor X vs Magneto adversarial conflict, X-men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donna states that, there are other stories to tell.
  10. Bungie has revealed that powers, abilities, weapons and currency will NOT move forward with your Guardian in Destiny 2. HOWEVER your Guardian and all customization linked to class, race, gender and most likely skins and shaders will move forward.

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