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Nintendo Labo (Nintendo thinking inside and outside the box?)

  • April 20th, lots of cardboard
  • Variety kit for $69.99
    • Robot backpack?
    • Piano
    • Fishing Rod
    • House
    • Motorcycle?
  • This came out of NOWHERE
  • What do you think about this new idea Nintendo has sprung?


Fan Faves

We pick ten rapid questions and each host answers to see where we stand opposed and where we stand united Fandom.  Play along and find what are your Fan Favorites?

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Rumors vs Leaks:

Rumors vs Leaks:

  • Do these effect upcoming games?
  • Do people pay attention?


Each week two of our hosts go head to head in a best of five trivia contest.  The winner will retain bragging rights and stay and play again next week while the loser has to create next the weeks’ questions. Play along and see just how much gaming knowledge you have.


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Is it worth buying games on day 1 anymore?

Each week we’ll break down ten news stories and facts that just didn’t quite make the list for a segment.  We’ve got 1 minute per topic before we move onto the next; finished or not.  Gotta go fast…in the Speed Run.
  1. Gamestop reveals a God of War Collector’s Edition.  This will retail for $149.99
  2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle surpasses $700 million worldwide
  3. James Gunn reveals that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will release in 2020
  4. Sony announces a Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle and it is coming to the West!
  5. Earthbound fans are releasing a book chronicling the years of waiting for a Western release of Mother 3, titled: C’mon Nintendo, Give Us Mother 3
  6. Rumors are spreading that Suicide Squad 2 will be Ben Affleck’s final appearance as Batman
  7. More rumors?  Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is rumored to be working on a new Fable game.  Would you like to see Fable return to greatness?
  8. Warner Bros. Interactive is releasing a new Scribblenauts party game titled Scribblenauts Showdown, coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch on March 6th
  9. According to some posts and images on reddit, Microsoft is working on a new iteration of the Xbox Elite controller, and will have some improvements such as a built-in rechargable battery, bluetooth, and Type-C charging.
  10. The voice actors for Goku and Vegeta will be challenging each other to an exibition match in Dragonball Fighters on January 25th at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, California.  This will be live streamed on Twitch for the world to see.
Name that Game
Try and guess game titles by using the clues given by a host. Can you Name The Game?