On Todays show: Intro: We’ll Discuss Pay to Win mechanics in games.  What is it and is it a problem we face?

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Pay to Win:  Is a mechanic in gaming where a player can use  additional real world currency to buy in-game upgrages, loot boxes, weapons, decrease cooldowns or increase stats to give themselves an advantage against players who simply play the game.

  • How do you feel on Pay to Win?
  • What are some of the biggest problems with Pay to Win?
  • We have been having a surge of “Pay to Win” issues in console gaming lately. More & more titles are beginning to incorporate it.  Star Wars BF II’s beta has it, Injustice 2 has strong elements of it.  Mobile games have had it for years!  Is this just the cycle that gaming is heading down?  Where does it stop?
Fan Faves
We pick ten rapid questions and each host answers to see where we stand opposed and where we stand united Fandom.  Play along and find what are your Fan Favorites?
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What franchises need to return and what franchises just need to go away?
Over the course of gaming history, we’ve seen many iconic series and characters come and go.  Some were great and left us too soon.  Some were not so great and have lingered on as ghosts, mere shells of their formal selves.  So lets take a look at what needs to come back and what needs to kick rocks.
  • What needs to come back:
  • What needs to leave:


Each week two of our hosts go head to head in a best of five trivia contest.  The winner will retain bragging rights and stay and play again next week while the loser has to create next the weeks’ questions. Play along and see just how much gaming knowledge you have.
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Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo stated in an interview with gaming site IGN that Thor: Ragnarok will be the first of a 3-part story are for the Hulk.  What does this mean for future Hulk properties going forward?
Each week we’ll break down ten news stories and facts that just didn’t quite make the list for a segment.  We’ve got 1 minute per topic before we move onto the next; finished or not.  Gotta go fast…in the Speed Run.
  1. The creators of South Park announced their latest episode will be a direct prequel story to thier new South Park game releasing this Tuesday
  2. Epic Games’ Fortnite was a gamble, and it’s paying off.  Fortnight has hit over 10 Million players
  3. Tamagotchi Pets are coming back thanks to Bandai as a 20th anniversary present to all 90’s kids world wide
  4. Games Done Quick announced that one of its most watched and donated speedruns will NOT be a part of Awesome Games Done Quick 2018.  Many fans and donators are upset and dissapointed that nobody will be able to save or kill the animals early next year
  5. Some retail stores are demo-ing Super Mario Odyssey, and speedrunners are currently trying to see how fast they can finish a level before the demo timer ends.
  6. Nintendo has announced that for the first time ever, you can use My Nintendo gold points to redeem for games on the eShop.  Currently there are 3 games that can be redeemed so far
  7. Studio HDMR announced that Cuphead has gone platinum!  In two weeks, the game has sold over 1 million copies
  8. Ed Boon discussed interest in possibly porting Injustice 2 over to the Nintendo Switch but would need to hire another company to help as the archeticture for the Nintendo console is very different from anything his team has worked with.
  9. Fox announces its new director for the upcoming X-Force film.  Drew Goddard (known for being executive producer for The Martian and TV series such as Alias and Daredevil), will be running the helm.  The upcoming movie will be focused on Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Josh Brolin’s Cable
  10. In other X-Men news, Fox announces a release date for the spinoff Gambit movie.  Following in style of Deadpool, the film is scheduled to release February 14, 2019
Name that Game
3 Video Games, 2 Competing hosts and clues that lead to the correct answers.  Use your wits, match the clues and Name The GAME