• E3 News: Games that have been revealed.
  • Over 100 titles ranging from Indies all the way up to triple A heavy hitters have been announced, leaked or teased and we haven’t even got to day one yet! Going into E3 What titles stand out?

Joshua’s Early E3 Favorite Title:  Dragonball FighterZ 

Garrett’s Early Favorite E3 Title: Bioware’s Anthem 

Johnnie’s Early E3 Favorite Title: Cuphead 

Garrett’s Early E3 Most Disappointing: Anything EAEA Image

Johnnie’s Early E3 Most Disappointing Crackdown 3 

  • Any themes or trends you see standing out?
  • Any tropes that are being used too much?

Joshua’s Early E3 Most Disappointing Minecraft 4K

Xbox One X Discussion

@21:15Fan Faves


Are E3 trailers and announements good or bad for those games?

  • As we roll into E3, we are of course all very excited for what games will get revealed and what we can expect to play in the next 3-12 months.
  • But is all the hype really good for the games and the expectations we place on them?
  • How much hype is too much hype?
  • What are some of the missteps that occur for a game to have a bad reveal or a bad launch because of the reveal.
  • What do you like about E3 and its format?
  • If you could change anything about the structure of E3 what would it be?

Gamer Triviatrivia



Black Panther First Trailer 

  • What’d you think of the trailer overall?
  • Scope? Scale? Did they get Wakanda right?
  • Cast?
  • Did it do a good job of showcasing Black Panther and what this movie is in that 2-minute trailer?
  • Did it show too much, too little or just enough?



  1. Avengers: Infinity War will include many of the main heroes and characters from the MCU with a roster of at LEAST 18 of the biggest stars. How will this mega movie have room for all of these stars in under 2 and half hours?
  2. The Retro Console wave continues as AtGames announces the SEGA Genesis Flashback console available for purchase this September.
  3. Sonic Mania, the upcoming 2-D Sonic game will be a hybrid of classic Sonic levels and stages with new routes, enemies and hazards. Will mixing old and new finally be the formula that brings Sonic back from the brink?
  4. Batman pops the question! In issue #24 of Batman, the Caped Crusader gets on bended knee and proposes to the Femme Fatale Feline, Catwoman.
  5. Nintendo releases a CGI trailer which shows expected plans and layout of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park.
  6. Sony will begin offering “Clean Versions” of their movies when purchased digitally through iTunes, Vudu or FandangoNOW at no additional cost.
  7. The Justice League film opening this November is getting its own bloat of heroes and characters with Queen Hippolyta and Antiope from the recently released Wonder Woman making an appearance.
  8. Blizzard partners with art agency Artitude to create 48 custom controller designs based on Overwatch’s character roster.
  9. Gearbox Software’s Battleborn goes free to play with a version of the game that includes all of the games multiplayer modes for all gamers.
  10. Wizards of the Coast announces plans to bring its roleplaying game; Pathfinder and Trading Card Game Magic the Gathering to the video game realm, with titles announced for both franchises.


In response to our Listener Question: What is a favorite game of yours, that is widely hated?

Cliff says:  Everyone ripped on Two Worlds as a bad game but I really liked it!  Tons of content, cool weapons and powers.  I felt that it was a great game and a lot of fun especially for anyone that loved Elder Scrolls.  Sadly, this game is kind of a laughing stock.

Brian says:  Not sure how old you guys are but I’m gonna go with an old one.  Shaq-fu! It was on the Genesis and it was so fun!  Pretty much a fighting game like Street Fighter but Shaq was the main fighter; for pretty much no reason.  Had nothing to do with basketball just a clone of street fighter but man I loved it!


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Passin’ the Controller

Garrett’s Controller:  Overwatch Mercy Limited Edition

Joshua’s Controller: Red Joycon Controller

Image result for red switch joy con

Johnnie’s Controller: D23 2017 Expo Ticket?

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