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EA opened up the beginning of the E3 conferences with new DLC, new IP’s, new entries for franchises on hiatus and some nice upgrades to some of there yearly titles.  Check out the trailers and info below:


This new franchise from the Bioware Developers looks to be a more grounded Sci-fi experience then what we’ve seen from them in Mass Effect.  Based on the albeit short trailer, this seems like a title that might have to do with one or more of several things:

  • Visceral Combat
  • Armor & Upgrades
  • Choices and Consequences.

A Way Out

A New offering from the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, this game is all about a prison break and two men who may not always see eye to eye working together.  Prison Break: The Game!  The most interesting things so far is that Josef Fares made it clear that this is a couch co-op game first and online co-op second; something we rarely get any longer.  We expect (but can’t guarantee) this title to have:

  • Strong Storyline
  • No compettive modes
  • Light to Medium Puzzles Requiring Teamwork
  • Possibly different skills for the two different playable characters.
  • Possible branching choices.

Need for Speed: Payback

It’s been a few years since an entry into the Need for Speed world and this years title looks fresh and fun!  The trailer showed fast paced gameplay, full voice acting, in-game cut scenes between set pieces and some great collisions.  This game should have:

  • A full story mode
  • A full open world
  • Cop Chases
  • Car-Fu
  • Dozens of cars
  • (Hopefully) a breadth of car customization options.

Madden NFL 2018

Madden returns (was there ever any doubt) with new a new gameplay trailer showcasing a new storymode dubbed The Longshot.  Look for this to be more of the same storyline based character development we’ve seen from FIFA and Fight Night in the past.

FIFA 2018

FIFA has its own story mode with the return of Alex Hunter from FIFA 2017.

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar DLC  

Dice brings Battlefield 1 DLC to us in a big way with a new campaign and for the first time in Battlefield, a female playable protagonist.  The content pack will also include, multiplayer, maps, weapons, vehicles and other unannounced goodies. We expect this to have:

  • Possible new campaign.
  • New Maps and Gameplay modes
  • New Vehicles

Star Wars Battlefront II

Developer DICE pulled out all of the stops with Battlefront II and its full campaign, vastly updated gameplay and fully fleshed out multiplayer modes.

  • Full Campaign
  • More fleshed out multiplayer modes, weapon options and character options.
  • Space Battles!!!!!!!
  • Play through 3 eras of Star Wars.  (Prequels, Originals and Sequels)

You can watch the entire stream here.

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