@ 3 minutes Scalebound Gets Canceled!

  • What reasons this could have been cancelled after being a title Microsoft was banking on as a new IP?
  • What does this mean for developer Platinum Games?

@ 00:11:30 Nintendo Switch Livestream:

  • We will have a full dedicated episode on the Nintendo Switch Reveal later this week!
  • What general thoughts did you take away after watching the Stream?
  • Did the hype make you want to purchase one or sway you?
  • One Biggest takeaway from the reveal?

@ 00:15: 00 Project Scorpio may not be seen until AFTER E3?

  • What’s the hold up? What could be delaying this stop-gap more powerful Xbox One?
  • Will this stay important to gamers if it is delayed past 2017?

@ 00:23:30 Fan Favorites Game Break

@ 00:35:15 Speed Run News

@00:45:00 Opinion Piece: Defining a Fanboy/Fangirl

  • Why is being a fanboy or fangirl viewed with such negativity in general?
  • How far is too far in being a fan?
  • How do we change that perception?

@01:04:05 Gamer Trivia Game Break

@ 01:10:00 Deadpool 2

  • Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus return!
  • What should be done differently in DP2?
  • Will Deadpool ever cross over to the main X-men franchise?

@ 01:14:10 Disney has “No Plans” to digitally recreate Princess Leia in future Star Wars films

  • They’ve already done this with Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • What happens with Episode 9
  • We take a moment to honor Carrie Fisher

@ 01:20:10 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is still slated to play Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam film.

  • He seems to be the perfect fit for this villain.
  • Why is it so hard for super hero films to create the perfect villain?
  • In a perfect world who would you cast as a few major villains?

@ 01:32:15 Gears of War Gets Sued!

  • Gears is sued for allegedly stealing a persons likeness to use in-game.
  • Is it acceptable for celebrities to sue gaming companies for there likenesses appearing in-game?

@ 01:40:05 Comic Book Corner

  • Southern Bastards #16

@01:43:22 Gamer Debate

@ 01:56:00 Listener Mail & Prizes

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