@ 3 Minutes MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2017:  Each host of the Super Co-op Squad reveals there most anticipated games of 2017! Which titles made the list?!


@60 Minutes Consumer Electronics Show:  The SC Squad talks about some of the most exciting ideas and tech to be revealed at the show.  A few slightly odd pieces of tech are also mentioned.

@70 Minutes Game Series with Anniversaries in 2017: in 2017 many games and franchises celebrate some amazing anniversaries!  Who would think that Assassin’s Creed would make 13 games in ten years! We break down the list of  series with 5, 10, 15, 25, 30 year birthday.

@74 Minutes GAMER TRIVIA GAME BREAK: Mass Effect Theme

@80 Minutes  OPINION DISCUSSION: Netflix/Streaming Services vs Primtime/Cable:  The Squad discusses there opinions on Netflix and other streaming services and what the success of these business models might mean for the Primetime Networks and Cable/Satellite providers.

@97 MINUTES MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES OF 2017:  Each squadmember picks a few of the movies they are most looking forward to!  A few surprise titles made the list!

@118 MINUTES GAMER DEBATE: Garrett and Johnnie debate which is the best Robin in the DC Comic book franchise Batman!

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