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Cuphead Review:

Cuphead  is a run and gun platform indie video game developed and published by As the titular character Cuphead (the second player is Mughead) the player fights a series of bosses in order to repay a debt to the devil. The game is heavily inspired by the 1930’s cartoons in both art style, character models, and in musical score

Developer: Studio MDHR |Xbox/Windows PC Exclusive | Released 9/29/2017

Initial thoughts on Cuphead:

What did you like?  Best parts of the game?

Does the art style work for a video game?

Will this find critical success?

Things you didn’t like?



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Red Dead Redemtion 2 Trailer: 

We finally get our first full trailer for RDD2 and a look at the story and main protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

Initial thoughts on the trailer?

What stood out to you?

It appears that this is a whole new stand alone story?Is this the sort of story you were looking for?

We seem to be taking the role of a villain.  Do we like this?  Will the mass audience like this?



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  • Gone Home:$19.99 | Original Release Date: 8/15/2013 |Developed by: The Fullbring Company
  • The Turing Test$19.99  Original Release Date: 8/30/2016 | Developed by: Bulkhead Interactive
  • Rayman 3 HD($9.99 ERP): Release Date: 1/20/2003 | Developed by: Ubisoft/Gameloft
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne $19.99| Release Date: 9/28/2017 | Developed by: EA Los Angeles

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  • Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain $19.99 | Release Date: 9/1/2017 | Developer Konami Studios/Hideo Kojima
  • Amnesia: $29.99 | Release Date: 9/8/2010 | Developed by: Frictional Games
  • Monster Jam Battlegrounds, $9.99 |
  • Hustle Kings $9.99 | Released Date: This Month | Developed by: EPOS Studios
  • Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) $14.99
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Total Value:$94.94

Each week we’ll break down ten news stories and facts that just didn’t quite make the list for a segment.  We’ve got 1 minute per topic before we move onto the next; finished or not.  Gotta go fast…in the Speed Run.
  1. J.J. Abrams is set to produce a live action remake of the recent highest grossing Anime debut of all time, ‘Your Name’
  2. Within 24 hours, Epic Games’ free to play title ‘FortNight’ reaches over one million players
  3. Nintendo files a copystrike against a fan made mod for Super Mario 64, called Super Mario 64 online
  4. Disney apparently had to pay Paramount a seven figure amount to have J.J. Abrams to direct eipsode IX to compensate to take him out of his current deal
  5. Nintendo has announced a new policy that restricts livestreaming Nintendo games on Youtube.  This mainly affects those in the Nintendo Creators Program
  6. Sony Pictures plans to release a ‘Men In Black’ spinoff movie in early 2019.  There is no plan to bring back either Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones for this film
  7. Microsoft is bringing back its original DUKE controller to release later this year for use on the Xbox One console
  8. My Hero Academia gets renewed for a season 3, as confirmed by Shonen Jump
  9. Nintendo has announced that it will Forever close its Wii Shop Channel on January 31st, 2019.  Any points you have will no longer be available, so be sure to purchase any titles you want before then!
  10. The SNES launched this past Friday, and scalpers have already posted the system to sell no less than $180 per unit


Name that Game
3 Video Games, 2 Competing hosts and clues that lead to the correct answers.  Use your wits, match the clues and Name The GAME

Listener Mail

Email #1 Braalio says:  You guys have talked about the current state of gaming and the sheer amount of games that release.  I think one way to look at the industry is this;  no gamer is being ignored.  With the breadth of games that are coming out on every single device even for smart watches, gamers of every type are being serviced.  No one can say, ‘I don’t have a game that caters to me” and that is a huge thing to say for the industry as a win.

Email #2  Jorge says: you guys made fun on PUBG last week in that they sold 10 million copies while still in beta.  I’m interested to know what you  think about non-launch ready titles charging to enter the beta and continuing to charge months and months later.  This is becoming a trend in “Indie” gaming and I’m frankly sick of it.  I spend money on finished product.  Not on half the project.

We appreciate everyone that emails, tweets or messages us! Thanks for having fun with us and for sharing your opinions.   You can participate and possibly win free swag just by chatting with us by email: or on Twitter @Supercoopsquad.