Wonder Woman Movie Review

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Nintendo Delays the release of its Switch Online functionality until 2018.


  • How will this affects its 2017 sales and the publics general perception of the console?
  • As Nintendo Fanboys (not Johnnie) Is this acceptable because its “NINTENDO”; do they get a free pass?
  • What aspects is most disappointing for you in this announcement?

Gamer Trivia

June Games w/ Gold & PS Plus Free Titles

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Games with Gold                                                                                    PS PLUS

Speedrunners                  $14.99                                                           Killing Floor 2                     $39.99

Dragon Age Origins        $14.99                                                            Life is Strange                    $19.99

Watch Dogs                     $29.99                                                            Abyss Odyssey                   $14.99

Assassin’s Creed 3          $19.99                                                            WRC 5: FIA World Rally   $29.99

Phantom Dust                 $14.99                                                            Neon Chrome                    $14.99

                                                                                                                    Spy Chameleon                $4.99

TOTAL: $94.95                                                                                          TOTAL:  $124.94

Speed Run


  1. Netflix begins canceling certain Original Shows such as The Getdown and Sense8 amid statements made my founder Reed Hasting regarding more aggressive cancellations and additional more risks for original content.
  2. Steven Spielberg is reportedly a part of the reboot of the 90’s classic cartoon Animaniacs but no word on a network, release date or vocal talents has been revealed.
  3. Studio Ghibli is creating a new theme park in Japan based on the film My Neighbor Totoro with a scheduled opening in 2020.
  4. People Can Fly, the developer behind BulletStorm and Gears of War: Judgement will be working with Square Enix on an unannounced Triple A title. Perhaps more info at E3?
  5. Leaking ahead of its release date, Sony gets the Midas Touch and will now include a Gold colored PS4 in its console line-up.
  6. Josh Gad, the voice behind Frozen’s Favorite Snowman Olaf, is continuously teasing Penguin content on his Twitter, ranging from pics, comics and photos with Geoff Johns, might he be the new Penguin in an upcoming Batman film?
  7. With Game of Thrones 7th season returning this summer, HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed that the 8th and final season might not release until late 2019, placing a full year and a half between seasons.
  8. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, based on a classic childrens novel, releases to surprising good reviews and box office success.
  9. Nintendo will be creating a Legend of Zelda title for smartphones; what would you like to see from such a title?
  10. Netflix’s The Punisher series will release in November of 2017, a fast turnaround compared to the release of the other Marvel series.

Passin’ the Controller

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Garrett’s Controller

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Joshua’s Controller

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Johnnie’s Controller

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