Show Notes Episode 16

The Electronics’ Entertainment Expo (E3) is opening general admission tickets to the public for the first time ever!

  • Tickets will be available starting 2/13/2017 and will cost between $150-$250.
  • Only $15,000 will be available.
  • What does this mean for the show? Good or Bad?
  • AAA Publishers have been showing up in less and less spectacle each year. (EA, Activision, Blizzard and others) have notably had less of a presence or have outright hosted their own events instead. Why would these companies leave the -at one point- king of gaming conventions?

Gaming and Electronics Retailers are meeting with major publishers to discuss selling physical copies of AAA titles weeks ahead of time.  This has been met with very little enthusiasm from publishers.

  • So, let’s break this down; why would gaming retailers want to do this?
  • Why would publishers have such disinterest?
  • Who would this REALLY benefit?
  • Is disc based gaming sales really struggling this much?
  • “Let’s chop it up about the debate between disc based gaming and digital sales”


Fan Favorites

Steam has announced a new game publishing plan titled Steam Direct which will allow developers large and small to more directly create content and games and release them on the Steam Client for purchase and download by consumers.

  • There will be a fee involved for “setting up an account” with no specifics amount but amounts as low as a few hundred ranging to $5000 have been discussed.
  • This is essentially cutting out middle-man publishers and all other retailers. Why would Steam go this route?
  • How will this affect the game industry? Console Game differently than PC Gaming perhaps?
  • What sort of market does this create?
  • Thoughts on Steam personally?

@52 Min: Gamer Trivia

Movies & Shows

Crunchyroll, the anime streaming service will begin hosting its own Anime convention.

  • Titled the Crunchyroll Expo it will be focused on Anime, Manga and Cosplay.
  • Crunchyroll has eclipsed the 1 million subscriber mark.
  • Is Anime in a good place in the US market or is it seeing a turn for the worse?
  • Is there saturation in creating too many of these conventions?
  • This will be held in Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

Netlfix announces a new Castlevania series

  • Castlevania is a classic gaming franchise from developer Konami with side scrolling game play in the same vein as Metroid or Guacamelee.
  • Thoughts on this announcement?
  • The show is stated to be a Game of Thrones type story.
  • Who does this excite and how will consumers both gamers and non-gamers feel about it?


Speed Run

  1. Nintendo released a Press Statement that backwards compatibility on the Switch is a possibility in the future and support for older controllers like the Wii remote or Classic Controller is also possible.
  2. Frizzle! That’s right the Magic School Bus is getting remade as a Netflix Original series!  This will have 26 episodes and be a full CG show.
  3. Street Fighter V has a new character! Kolin joins the fight and while gamers have supported SFV within the community, sales for the game are millions lower than SFIV at the same point in its life cycle. Does this spell doom and gloom for the game?
  4. Warcraft might be up for a sequel! Director Duncan Jones took to social media stating that he was “waiting for a decision” from Legendary Studios executives if it would be green lit.
  5. Disneyland has announced that Star Wars Land will open in 2019 making this the single largest park expansion in history. Thoughts on the expansion and what it might mean for the park?
  6. Activision Is planning on releasing a Destiny sequel this year and have already stated they will have additional content packages. Does this game still have the audience and appeal it once had?
  7. In other Activision news; the mega publisher has announced they will be bringing Call of Duty back to its roots with a more traditional “Boots on the Ground” type combat. What does this mean for COD/Activision?
  8. Westworld Thandie Newton who plays Maeve in the series is possibly cast for a role in the upcoming Han Solo film.
  9. Thor 3 DirectorTaika Waititi is slated to direct a new film centralized around Michael Jackson’s pet Chimp, Bubbles.
  10. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is getting delayed….again.


Listener Mail

E.M #1 Jalil asks: What is your most hated game genre and why?

E.M #2 Christian says: You’ve talked about not really being all in on VR and I can see why, although I really enjoy my PSVR.  What sort of gaming experience do you need to see that forces you to get in on VR? Or can nothing sway you?


Winner: Jalil

Prize: 12 Month Xbox Live

Winner: Christian

Prize: Logan POP!