2:10 Mass Effect Andromeda: We discuss the reveal trailer, what we thought about it and where we feel the game is headed.  Listen as the SCS breaks down their favorite Mass Effect gaming memories.

Blizzcon/Diablo III Update:  We go over a few items announced at Blizzcon regarding new content for Diablo III.  Some awesome characters rising from the dead.

Nintendo Switch Update:  Nintendo announced close of production on the WiiU.  5 months before the Switch releases. Just. Wow.  We discuss our surprise and how far off the WiiU sales were compared to Nintendo projections.

Gamer Trivia Segment:  Johnnie and Garrett go head to head to find outwho has the most knowledge on a popular 3rd person shooter! Who wins? Listen and Find out!

Microsoft Scorpio Update:  Phil Spencer made a statement that the Scorpio will not have specific games apart from XB1.  We go over our thoughts on why Stop Gap console might not be a good thing for the industry.

Pokemon Go Update:  Niantic is finally attempting to create events and a community behind there wildfire AR app months after the hype has died.  We discuss what could create a resurgence in PoGo going forward.

Gamer Debate Segment:  Johnnie and Garrett go head to head to see which beloved PS2 icon is the better loved character! Help us decide by listening and casting your vote by email: supercoopsquad@gmail.com or on Twitter: @supercoopsquad.  Who win?! Who’s Next? YOU Decide!

Blizzcon/Overwatch/Sombra:  We talk about some other Blizzcon news and go over the new character coming to Overwatch.

The Flash Movie:  Flash loses its second director Rick Famuyiwa and it seems like a wreck of a project the SC Squad talks about how this movie can still redeem itself and what we expect from the movie.

Wonder Woman:  We geek out over how excited we are seeing the Wonder Woman trailer and what we want to see from the film!

Comic Corner:  Johnnie goes over two of the comics last week that you should be reading.  His choices are definitely different then his usual fare.