Each week we’ll post our Show Notes for all of our listeners to follow along and to use as a guide in case anyone would like to avoid spoilers and skip segments.

2:25  Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Special Edition

  • We discuss the good and bad of re-releasing hit titles.
  • How do mods enhance the game?

11:40 Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios cancels support for the game

  • In an industry that is moving towards full online play, what does it mean for developers to drop support for games that need servers within 3 years.
  • Will this trend continue?

16:20 Gaming Trivia:

  • Two of our hosts go head to head with multiple choice trivia to see who’s got the better game knowledge!
  • Listeners play along and email us @supercoopsquad@gmail.com if you have a set of questions you would like us to answer!

24:12 Nintendo Switch Update:

  • We discuss some of the new announcements Nintendo has made for their new console.
  • 3DS compatibility?

30:00 November Titles

  • Each of the SC Squad break down the games they are excited for going into the big release month of the year.  Some very different games from each of us, as expected.

48:30 Gamer Debate

  • Two of our hosts debate which of the classic Super Mario Bros NES/SNES  titles are the best.  Your vote determines the winner and give weekly bragging rights to one and shame for the other! vote on Twitter @supercoopsquad!

57:26 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • The SC Squad give their thoughts on this new Harry Potter spin-off.
  • We will be having a special review episode for the movie!

63:10 Doctor Strange

  • As we enter the release week for the new Marvel film, we discuss where Strange falls in line for the MCU and if he deserves a spot on the Avengers.
  • We will be having a special edition podcast for the movie! Be on the lookout for this!

71:05 Dragon Ball Super

  • Joshua breaks down some awesome news for North America on DB Super.

73:01 Comic Corner

  • Johnnie breaks down the best comics of the week and what you should be reading.  Great for new readers and old school fans looking for something new.

Around the Table Wrap-Up:

The Squad goes over their experience at Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con and the games they are loving (and loving to hate).